Bascom Lodge

Operated by the Bascom Lodge Group (BLG), a privately-owned company which was awarded the management of the lodge in the spring of 2009. Through the operation of the lodging and dining facilities, the BLG reinvests in the restoration and upgrading of the landmark building. In the short six seasons since we partnered with the Massachusetts Department Of Conservation and Recreation’s historic curatorship program, the BLG has restored the 79-year old lodge,
positioning it to better meet the challenges of its next 20 years.


The Historic Curatorship Program

Within the commonweath’s 450,000 acres of state and urban parks are a number of unused, historically significant buildings. Over time, these properties have fallen prey to the elements and vandalism. The historic curatorship program was established in 1994 to preserve these properties through a unique public-private partnership. Through the program, the department of conservation and recreation partners with a curator who agrees to rehabilitate, manage and maintain a historic property in return for a long-term lease. As a result, DCR secures the long-term preservation of threatened historic sites and curators exchange their hard work, unique skills, and financial investment, for the opportunity to live or work in a one-of-a-kind location.